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WILLIAM I 1066-1087   HENRY V 1413-1422  
HENRY I 1100-1135   HENRY VI  1422-1461 First Reign
HENRY II 1154-1189 Tealby EDWARD IV 1461-1470 First Reign
HENRY II 1154-1189 Short Cross HENRY VI 1470-1471 Second Reign
RICHARD I 1189-1199   EDWARD IV 1471-1483 Second Reign
JOHN 1199-1216   HENRY VII 1485-1509  
HENRY III 1216-1247 Short Cross HENRY VIII 1509-1547  
HENRY III 1247-1272 Long Cross EDWARD VI 1547-1553  
EDWARD I 1272-1307   PHILIP and MARY 1554-1558  
EDWARD II 1307-1327 ELIZABETH I 1558-1603  
EDWARD III 1327-1377   JAMES I 1603-1626  
RICHARD II 1377-1399   CHARLES I 1625-1649  
HENRY IV 1399-1413   COMMONWEALTH 1649-1660