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Hello and welcome to our web site.

We at A. G. & S. Gillis are constantly looking for new ways in which to improve our service to collectors and think that the internet is the best place for this. We have been on line since the 1st of March 1996 which makes us the first independent site dedicated to Ancient coins and Antiquities in the UK.

 This site is compiled and maintained solely by ourselves, and because of this we can be contacted directly by Email anytime and from anywhere in the world. This site is basically an electronic catalogue, it has full colour images with descriptions and prices. There are details on how to purchase on the HOW TO ORDER page while our guarantee, postage rates and ways to pay can be found on the TERMS OF SALE page. Everything is kept neat and user friendly, so not to make it look cluttered or confusing. Use this site like a normal paper catalogue, flicking from page to page, and if there is nothing here that takes your interest, simply Click to email me to ask what we have in stock, or call back to see it a little later (please feel free to add gilliscoins to your bookmarks or favorites). This site can be updated once a day, week, or as many times as necessary and by having a site like this we have been contacted by new collectors from all over the world. They have found it as easy to deal over the net as over a coin table. We are able to communicate directly and instantly with collectors and dealers in many countries, this enables us to meet people's needs with greater efficiency.

Best wishes and good browsing

Andrew G. Gillis