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HENRY V 1413-1422



WEH 8354

Penny. York. Class C. Tall neck, mullet and broken annulet by crown. ® Quatrefoil in centre, annulet in two quarters. Spink # 1785. North 1400. 17 mm. Struck from poor condition dies. The obverse die shows signs of corrosion. The reverse die is cracked in several places. The dies are local, rather than made in London. This could be either an official issue or a contemporary forgery. Note also annulet in two quarters instead of the usual one. An interesting piece.


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WEH 9076

Penny. York. Class G. Mullet to left of crown, trefoil to right. ® Quatrefoil with pellet in centre. Spink # 1790. SWYOR-9A18D5. North 1404. 18 mm.


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WEH 8743

Halfpenny. HENRIC REX ANGL Crowned bust facing; unclear marks to left and right in upper field. ® CIVITAS LONDON Long cross pattée with three pellets in each angle. 14 mm.


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