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WEH 6876

Contemporary Imitation. EDWARD I. Penny. EDW R ANGL DNS HYB. Crowned facing bust. ® CIVITAS LONDON. Long cross with three pellets in angles. 1.3 grams. Late 13th to early 14th century. 17 mm. The obverse legend is as used on genuine English coins up to class 9, and the reverse bears the London mint signature. The crown, portrait and style of some of the letters, however, are not consistent with any official issue. Rare and interesting and very good quality.


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WEH 7531

Contemporary Forgery. 15th Century. Silver Penny. A contemporary forgery of a late medieval English penny. The reign of the prototype is probably Edward IV, as the obverse legend appears to begin with the letter E. This coin is UKDFD 34908. Another example, struck from the same obverse die, is recorded as UKDFD 5599. With two adjoining parts of the obverse legend now known, it would appear to be completely fictitious, ending ...OANTIBIBV. 0.5 grams. 14 mm. See also PAS ESS-9DD977 and BNJ 75 (2005), Coin Register, No. 257. Unusual, rare and interesting.


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WEC 9853

ARNOLD V of Looz. 1279-1323. Sterling. Pollard type, minted at Hasselt (?), Ca. 1282-94. ARNOLDVS COMES, Facing bust. ® MONETA COMITIS, Long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle, 3 roses in the last angle. 1.0 g. Mayhew 70. 19mm. Stress marks to flan in places (see image) but still a solid piece. Extremely rare.


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WEC 8614

Gaucher of Chatillon. 1313-1322. Sterling. Yves. + GALChSCOMESPORC. Crowned bust facing. ® MON ETN OVA YVE. Long cross pattée with three pellets in each angle. 18mm.


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WEC 5259

CHARLES V (The Wise) of France. 1364-1380. Blanc au K. Obv: DEI : GRACIA in the inner circle, centre is K surmounted by crown, with lis on both sides of the K. Rev: (lis)FRANCORV : REX in the inner circle. The centre has a cross surmounted by a crown. The outer circle is +BENEDCTV : SIT,etc. 2.1 gm. 26 mm diameter. Contemporary English coins: Edward III and Richard II.


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WEC 8466

Frederik IV of Norway. 1699-1730. Silver 8 Skillings. Kongsberg Mint. FRID IIII D G REX DAN NOR V G. Crowned arms of Norway. ® VIII / SKILLING / DANSKE / 1729 / N B F. Inscription in five lines; crossed hammers dividing date. Mintmaster (NBF) = Nicolai Bernhard Fuchs. KM# 224. 22mm.


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WEC 8983

Frederik IV of Norway. 1699-1730. 2 Skillings. D G REX DAN & NOR. Crowned King's monogram. ® II SKIL DANSKE 1715. C W beside crowned Shield of Denmark. 15mm. Green patina.


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