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WS 970

Ar Sceat. Series G, Type 3a. Diademed bust right with cross to lips. Beaded standard, central pellet in annulet, three saltires and trefoil of pellets. 1.0 g. Spink # 800. Abramson Sceatta List 21/30.


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WS 8577

Base Silver Sceat. Series G, Type 3a (imitative). Large, crude, diademed bust right, braided hair, chevron ear, crescent drapery with cross in front. Beaded standard, central pellet in annulet, saltire crosses in corners, pellets between. 0.9 g. Spink # 800 var. Abramson Sceatta List 21/70. Rare.


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WS 7750

Ar Sceat. Series J type 36. Diadem bust right, cross before. Two birds left, cross before. 0.9 g. Spink # 802D (791A). Met page 361-4. Abramson Sceatta List 20/20.


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WS 8809

Ar Sceat. Series O/Saltire. Crude head left with large annulet eye, long swept back hair, inside double border of pellets. Saltire cross in beaded standard, trefoils in angles, symbols in margin. 0.9 g. Abramson Sceatta List 59/20. Extremely rare.


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