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810-841 AD


WS 7849

Ar Sceat. Phase Ib. + EARED RX around small cross. HEARDALF (Heardwulf / Wulfheard / Alfheard) around small cross. Spink # 860. Pirie, Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria no 96-97. Listed in Pirie as Hearduulf, which in its self can be listed as Wulfheard. On this coin I'm with Abramson (see Abramson C97, C95, K60). He lists this as the moneyer Alfheard. Which corresponds closest to the reverse legend. Also the silver quality of this coin is high for an Eanred. So I suspect this to be one of his first issues, and as such, a rare piece.


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WS 9924

Ar Sceat. Phase I. + EANRED REX around rosette. + EADVINI (Eaduini) around rosette. Spink # 860. Pirie 41-46.


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