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Caesar A.D. 3
17-337     Augustus A.D. 337-340


Treveri mint (Trier, Germany)

WRB 4656

Ae3. Laureate, draped bust left, holding Victory on globe in right, mappa in left. BEATA TRANQVILLITAS. Altar inscribed VOT/IS/XX. mm PTR (Trier). RIC 312 (rarity r4).


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Ticinum mint (Pavia, Italy)

WRB 7924

Ae Follis (19mm). CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB CAES. Laureate and cuirassed bust left, holding Victory on globe and mappa. VIRTVS EXERCIT. Standard inscribed VOT XX with captive seated on either side. Chi-rho in left field. mm ST (Ticinum). Not listed in RIC, but would be placed before TICINUM 121 in Vol VII. This coin is listed on the 'Not in RIC' website. Extremely rare.


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Heraclea mint (Turkey)

WRB 7488

Ae Follis (19mm). Laureate bust left holding globe, sceptre and mappa. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS. Camp gates with three turrets and no door. : in field. mm SMHE (Heraclea). RIC 37 (rarity r4). Attractive with full silvering.


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Cyzicus mint (Turkey)

WRB 9057

3 (18.5mm). Laureate bust left. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS Campgate with no doors, seven rows, two turrets, star above. SMKB. (Cyzicus). RIC VII, 37. (rarity r1). Attractive with most of the silvering intact.


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