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WRM 8472

Roman Military Buckle. A large bronze Roman military buckle. Both sides of the frame have a moulded lion's head gripping the front bar and paw grasping the rear bar. The front bar also has a smaller lions head moulding at its centre for the pin rest. The central pin bar is decorated with back to back peltas. Circa 3rd century AD. UKDFD # 50473. Lincolnshire. 48.5mm x 43mm. An extremely unusual buckle that I can find no other close parallel.


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WRM 8913

Roman Military Cavalry Pendant. A two piece bronze cavalry pendant the circular hanger has two belts loops on the rear and a large protruding rivet on the face. Hanging from this is a pelta shaped pendant that is decorated with a triple chevron or branch pattern of inlaid silver. 3rd-4th Century AD. Length 68 mm, width 40 mm.


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WRM 1182

Roman Military Iron Pendant An iron pear shaped pendant, decorated with scroll work and acorn terminals. 81 mm long. Complete with hanger and in a good stable condition.


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WRM 5924

Roman Military Pelta stud. Third century equine bronze pelta stud or mount. See Bishop and Coulston page 156 number 9 for similar found at Saalburg. 22 mm wide. Complete with double fixing studs on rear.


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WRM 5934

Roman Military Openwork Decoration. Bronze openwork belt mount / leather decoration. 2nd - 3rd Century. 30 mm wide. Complete with fixing studs on rear.


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