WEH 9904

HENRY I. 1100-1135. Cut Half. Star in lozenge fleury type, BMC XIII. Lincoln. + HE[NRICVS], crowned bust left, holding sceptre. [ ]S ON NI[ ], Quadrilateral with incurved sides; fleur at each angle; trefoil of annulets between each pair of fleurs; star in centre. 0.7g. Spink # 1274. North 869. 18.7mm. Note re moneyer. Martin Allen, The Mints and Moneyers of England and Wales,1066-1158, BNJ 82 (2012) lists only one Lincoln moneyer, Godric(us), striking in BMC XIII and having a name ending with the letter 'S'. However, the coins are rare and their legends are often illegible.


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